Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This weekend was D23 and while I was totally excited, it ended up being mostly a disappointment. 

Honestly, for a company as big as Disney, they really disappointed with the fact that they have no idea how to run a convention.  There wasn't nearly enough space in any of the panels, the lines were terribly done, and there really wasn't enough to do.  The best part was honestly meeting other cosplayers while I was there. 

On Friday we saw the Legends Ceremony, which was really good.  The voices of several of the Princesses were honored, including Paige O'Hara (Belle), Jodie Benson (Ariel), Linda Larkin (speaking voice of Jasmine), Lea Solonga (singing voice of Jasmine and Mulan) and Anika Noni Rose (voice of Tiana).  They each sang live, which was an amazing thing to see. 

We also met Margaret Kerry on Friday.  She was the model for Tinker Bell.
On Saturday I wasn't able to get into any panels, though I did see a presentation about Tangled, and got to meet the head animator on the film.
On Sunday I spent most of the day in line for the Star Tours panel.  I was the only person at the expo dressed as a Star Wars character, which surprised me since the ride just reopened.  The panel was really interesting, and I learned a lot about the ride.
This is the only shot I got of my costume... hopefully I can find some online since a lot of people took pictures. 

After the expo we went to Disneyland.  I changed into regular clothes but left my hair in.  So I had the take a picture in Star Tours.
You can totally see the hair nets haha!  I ended up being the Rebel Spy, which was exciting!

Then I went to Disneyland again yesterday.  I really wanted to see the Star Wars characters that were out last week, but they're gone :(  I did get a picture with a Stormtrooper but I really wanted Artoo!
I was trying to look serious since it was a Stormtrooper.

I also saw Rapunzel.  It wasn't my favorite, but this one was good too, very in character and talked to me for a while.

Thanks for looking~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Update

Time for a random update!

This past weekend was pretty exciting, one of my friends from Japan came to visit!  We went shopping, ate lots of food (I didn't eat as much as everyone else because I'm a lightweight at eating) and visited Round 1.  And then on Sunday I had a birthday dinner with some of my friends from high school.  It was really nice.  My birthday isn't for a week, but it was nice to get together with all my friends.

This weekend is Disney's D23 Expo and I'm so excited!  If anyone is going, please come and say hello if you see me.  I'll be dressed as Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty on Friday, Rapunzel on Saturday and Princess Leia on Sunday.  I know Leia is not really a Disney character, but there is a Star Tours panel that day, and they recently released an R2-D2 robot at Disneyland that you can meet, and I really hope that they bring him to the expo!  It would make for some awesome pictures! 

Then I have one week before school starts.   I already bought all my school supplies because I love them so much... all of them are Little Twin Stars and Disney haha! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Goth Club and Obon Festival

On Saturday, I went to the Goth club with some friends. 

I had a hard time getting an outfit together, since none of my clothes are really gothic at all.  Even though I have a lot of black, it's not styled right at all.  I ended up wearing mostly items from my TRON outfit.
Cell phone mirror shot because I didn't get a real outfit shot.  It's a pretty boring outfit, and unfortunately the boots ended up really hurting my feet, so I didn't get to dance as much as I wanted.  Next time I'll wear different shoes!

On Sunday, I went to the Obon Festival in Gardena.  I like to go every year, since I love the dancing.  I don't really know them, but I just kind of follow along and I still enjoy it.  Since it's a festival, I wore one of my yukatas.  I tried to do hair and makeup in gal style, but the hair didn't turn out as I'd hoped. 
I decided to wear my blue yukata since I wore my pink one last month at AX. 

I'm excited because a friend is visiting from Japan this week, and next week is D23!