Saturday, June 25, 2011

Los Angeles IMATS

Today myself, Mama Cass and Mie of No Beauty Limits attended IMATS Los Angeles.  For those who aren't familiar, IMATS stands for the International Makeup Artist's Trade Show.  There are shows in several countries every year, including in New York and Los Angeles.  This was my first time attending and I am so glad that I was able to go.

We got up at the crack of dawn so that we could arrive early to get in line.  The doors opened at 8:30 and we arrived at 7:30... there was already a line!
Outside the convention center
Outfit shot for the day.
Top: DreamV
Skirt, bracelet: Forever 21
Tights: Star Couture
Sweater: Tralala
Bag, Necklace, Ring: Angelic Pretty
Pom Pom, Bow: Handmade
Shoes: American Eagle

Makeup shot

At around 8:15 they let us in for registration, and then we waited to be let into the hall.
Rush to get in the hall!

Every year the most popular brands are MAC and Makeup Forever.  We had a plan, and hit those booths first to avoid lines.  Fortunately this worked out well as we had the rest of the day to browse. 

There were some models walking around in very elaborate makeup.  Here's an owl person, it was quite creepy in real life!

This model was getting her makeup done all day.  When we came around towards the end of the day, she looked like this:
It was pretty amazing!

While walking around, we went to Anastasia Beauty, where I got my eyebrows done:
While it looked nice, I felt like it was a bit too angular and long.  They did have nice products though.

After looking around the Exhibitors Hall for quite a while, we went to a few panels.  The first was for Beauty So Clean.
Since the founder's birthday was today, they gave out cupcakes!  They were really delicious!
Due to my talent for remembering random facts, I won a brush cleaner.  I will review once I use it!
The next panel was the PurseBuzz panel.  She taught about doing summer makeup looks.  Unfortunately due to my seat I couldn't get too great of a picture.  She was really cute though, I loved her dress!  And she had some great tips and answered a lot of questions.
After her panel we returned to the Exhibit Hall.  This guy covered in glitter was at the MAC booth.
Some more awesome Special Effects makeup at the Crown Brushes booth.
The Inglot booth.  This brand has been taking the beauty world by storm, and were pretty crowded the whole time.  Because it was so crowded, I didn't get to get a good look at the eyeshadows, which is what is most popular from them.  However, I did get a loose powder (I had originally planned to get one from MAC, but they didn't bring any).  I will review once I get a chance to use it!

And... the haul!

Items that I purchased:
Inglot loose powder, Smashbox Primer, Royal Brushes set, MAC eyeshadows, MAC brush cleaner, Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Model in a Bottle fix spray, DUO eyelash glue
Crown Brushes Brush Cleaner, Beauty So Clean Brush Cleaner, Bow from PurseBuzz, Stila Lipgloss (from PurseBuzz), Too Faced Primer, Napoleon Lipgloss, Crown Brushes eyeshadows, Model in a Bottle eye makeup remover, Crown Brushes powder brush, Crown Brushes lip liner

All in all, I am so glad that I went to this show!  It was amazing to see all the different products that are available, as well as the amazing makeup that people can do.  I do wish I had made time to see the Student Competition, since that would probably have been really interesting, but there was always something new to see in the Exhibit Hall! 

I will definitely be attending next year, and expect some reviews once I get to using the items I got!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disneyland Report

Yesterday, I went to Disneyland yet again.  I ended up spending about half the day by myself because my friends came later than I did.  Oh well!

I was excited because there were several characters out and about that I don't usually see. 

First I went to see Rapunzel.  I was super excited because it was my favorite, who asked where I'd been since she hadn't seen me in so long haha! 
I was pretty much a muggle yesterday lol... this is how I used to dress in high school.  In fact, I think I've had the skirt since high school.  The skirt and top are both from Hot Topic.  The necklace (Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol) is from Sudlow on etsy.

When I was going back to main street from seeing Rapunzel, I saw that some princesses were out, so I went to take pictures with them too.  I love it when they are out by the castle instead of being stuck in the Princess Fantasy Faire.
With Aurora.  She actually remembered me and commented on not seeing me for a while, which is funny since I hardly see any princesses besides Rapunzel haha!
With Ariel.  She asked from how far I had swam haha!  I love how detailed her necklace is!

With Snow White.  She's not a favorite, but I figured why not since she was out.

With Aladdin.  Unfortunately not one of the ones I know.

This is a shop that is new to New Orleans Square.  It's actually a re-open... it used to be there, and you could get a custom perfume mixed.  Now they just sell commercial perfume (mostly Dior and Givenchy).  I found one I liked but it was $90 ^^;  I'll have to save for that since I've bought too much Star Wars stuff lately!
These goats were so cute!  The black one walked up to the gray one and they put their heads together.  It was adorable!
Later I saw Fairy Godmother and took a picture with her. 

Super cute Jedi Duffy that we saw when we were going to Star Tours. 

I rode Star Tours 6 times yesterday.  And the third time I was the rebel spy!!! I was so excited and started screaming and cheering and then I bought the pin.  I wanted to get it before but I wanted to be legit and only get it once I had been picked. 

Paradise Pier at night.  We ate at the Cove Bar before going to elecTRONica. 

All in all it was an amazing day!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Star Wars Opening Day

Friday was the official opening of the new and improved Star Tours.  I had already ridden it 3 times, but I got up early to go to the opening anyway... I love Star Wars and wanted to be there for this big event!
The line when I arrived.  I got there at around 7 am and was one of the first 500.  The first person arrived at 2:30 PM the previous afternoon!
Darth Goofy. 
Stormtrooper Donald

Unfortunately none of the people in line got to see the ceremony.  I got a few shots from the back, though you can't see much in them :/
More Stormtroopers
The line inside the park later
After riding I went to see Rapunzel and Flynn.  Unfortunately it wasn't my favorites.  But you can see my outfit lol
Top: Disneyland
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Converse
In front of the ride. 
And inside the ride  You can kind of see the bag I made here;  I appliqued the rebel symbol onto a bag.  It wasn't very well made but I made it in about and hour haha!  I hope I can make a better one, I quite like how it came out. 
Some of the items released were an R2D2 popcorn bucket and mug.  I got them both!  The mug is now holding pens and the popcorn bucket will hold stuff as well as soon as I figure out what I want to put in it. 

All in all it was a really fun day!  Again, I definitely recommend going on the ride if you get a chance!  I've been 6 times and still want to ride it more! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

Yesterday, there was a special preview of the new Little Mermaid ride at Disney California Adventure for Annual Passholders.  Of course I had to go see it!
Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the ride.  Perhaps I was too hyped up about it, or spoiled by Star Tours, but it was just a big let down.  I felt like the Ariel animatronics were kind of strange looking... I know that they worked hard to make them realistic, but I still felt that they were very static looking.  I also felt that it was too short... they based it around the music, but I felt like they were trying to tell the story as well, and failed miserably.  If you've seen the movie, you know what is going on, but it just felt very short and choppy.  It's sad, since I had such high hopes for it :(

I did take some pictures, so here they are.  Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled!
This mural is in the front, where you get in the clams.  It's really big and really pretty!
The Ariel animatronic from "Under the Sea".  She kind of looks like an ice cream cone :/
The Ursula animatronic.  It was honestly the best one in the whole ride, she looks just like the movie and moves really well and has great facials.  She's also huge (8 feet tall)!
During "Kiss the Girl".  Eric looks like a creeper!
Animated scene of Ariel getting her voice back.
Happy Ending
King Triton.  We weren't sure why he got real hair while Ariel and Eric have rubber hair?
Ariel and Eric wedding
I tried to dress Ariel inspired... though I'm not sure how well it worked out haha!
Top- DreamV
Skirt- Tralala
Hairbow- Twinkle Wish

They also had special items for sale for the opening.
I got the Annual Passholder Collectors Coin and a pin for the ride.  They also had a print that I liked but I've run out of space to hang up art in my room

I'll be back on Friday for the grand opening of Star Tours!