Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow, I really haven't updated for a while!  I've been pretty busy applying to school, but I finally got everything done for my application!

Baby recently announced a new Cinderella Print.  I actually like it very much, but so far, the OP is the only dress that has a picture, and it would not fit me (as well as being overly fancy).  I'm looking forward to seeing the other colors and styles. 

I'm currently working on getting together Halloween costumes for myself and Ashley.  She's dressing up as Tinker Bell and I'm dressing as Rosetta (one of the fairies from the new Tinker Bell series).  We've been talking about making a new costume for a few years, and we're finally doing it.  I was originally going to be Rapunzel, but the pictures are kind of inconsistant, so I decided to wait on that costume and do one of the fairies to match with Ashley.  I've already made our wings, and got started on some of the patterning tonight. 

Speaking of Halloween, we also got tickets to the Disneyland Halloween event.  This year it is actually in Disneyland park, which is really exciting!  I originally wanted to do a Princess costume, but I couldn't decide on which one to do!  So a Disney Fairy it is!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Streets II

This weekend was the opening of the second "Sweet Streets" art exhibition, which featured art inspired by Japanese Street fashion.  In addition, it was one of the stops on 6% DokiDoki's Harajuku Kawaii Tour.  So of course we all had to attend this event!

The show was at Gallery Nucleus ( in Alhambra.  We've been here several times before, for events such as last year's Sweet Streets and an Alice in Wonderland exhibit.  They have a lot of unique art, so you should check it out!

The event was also sponsored by 6% DokiDoki ( who stopped on their Harajuku Kawaii Tour which traveled around the world to London, Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  They're a super cute brand out of Harajuku that sells a sort of Fairy Kei/Pop Kei/ Decora style.  I have visited their store in Harajuku and thought it was really neat: they have a carousel horse as part of their decor!  It was definitely exciting to have them come visit!

Saturday was the opening of the show and the 6% Doki Doki Fashion Show, but before we went to the event we went shopping.  We ended up going to Shibuya LA, a new shop that specializes in Japanese Street fashion, most Gal style but the owner said she will be carrying Angelic Pretty too!  I ended up buying a Tralala skirt (the one I wore Sunday) and I liked it so much, Cass and I special ordered pink ones too. She liked our outfits a lot and took a picture of all of us that she put on facebook:
The two girls not in Lolita are the shopgirls at the store.  They are super sweet!

We shopped a bit more and then headed over the Nucleus.

First stop was the 6% DokiDoki mini shop, since you can't really find the items outside of Japan.  I ended up getting a top, a glitter bow and a logo badge.  I don't wear the style too often but they're cute items that can be worn in different styled coordinates.
A pic from in the gallery.  I wore a Hime Gal/Lolita (I guess it depends on how you want to see it) coordinate with my Lady Rose JSK.

Myself with 6% Dokidoki shopgirl Yuka.  You can see my whole outfit here.  I look like a giant next to Yuka haha!
JSK, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Bag: Angelic Pretty
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: Offbrand
Bow: Paris Kids

I really like this coord, although the shoes made it impossible to squat/sit during the fashion show and my feet were hurting by the end.  But that's why I brought tea party shoes XD

We ended up hanging out until late into the night, before realizing that we needed to go to bed for the next da.

Sunday was "Fan Day", featuring a panel with 6% DokiDoki's founder Sebastian Masuda.  He gave a history of Harajuku and Kawaii fashion.  I found it interesting, although a lot of people weren't fans of it.  But I like learning random information like that.  I just wish that they had had a Q&A, since I think there would have been some interesting questions!

I decided to wear my new top and accessories and do "dokidoki" style.  I'm not sure how successful it was, but one of the shopgirls seemed really excited and commented on how much of the brand I was wearing.

Top, Tights, Glitter Bow, Badges: 6% DokiDoki
Skirt: Tralala
Boots: Secret Shop
Bag, Bracelet: Angelic Pretty
Necklace: SanrioxTokidoki
Tulle Bow: Selfmade

Myself with shopgirls Voni and Yuka.  They are so cute!

After the panel and such we ended up going shopping some more!  I actually found a pair of shoes that I like better than the ones I wore on Saturday... much more comfy!

We realized that this is pretty much the last big event until PMX/Sanrio event.  But there's also Halloween and hopefully many Disneyland trips!  I am so excited for the Sanrio event though, I have been a huge Sanrio fan for as long as I can remember... I used to ask my mom to go to the Hello Kitty store every day XD

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swan Lake

My friend mentioned a new Baby, the Stars Shine Bright print the other day, so I took a look.  It turns out it is a Swan Lake print (titled Lac des Cygnes, or Swan Lake in French).

I love ballet and ballet themed prints.  And I love the story and music of Swan Lake (unfortunately I have never seen it performed).  In fact, I have owned (and own) 2 other Swan Lake dresses.
Original Baby Swan Lake, I currently own it.  It's one of my favorite prints.

Angelic Pretty Swan Lake.  I owned this for a while but it was very very small and while it fit it did not look nice on me at all.  Maybe someday I will get it again and alter it, because it really is a lovely print. 

Lac des Cygnes JSK, Alice Bow and Print.

I like the design of the dress, and how it has a sort of ballet style to it.  I also like the print in that it has aspects from previous Swan Lake prints in a new style. 
However, I'm not a huge fan of the flocking; I know I'd be really worried that the flocking would rub off when I was sitting, and the overlay looks to be chiffon, which I know I would be fearful of tearing. 
Also, the pink is an odd shade... I can only hope that the actual dress is a nicer shade since the swatch picture makes it look almost peach... not cute!
I like the dress but I won't be reserving it.  Perhaps if I see it worn or a picture it will change my mind later, but at this point I can't say I love it enough to order it.

One thing I am tempted to order are these:
Baby Honey Cross shoes.  I've liked these for a while, but I'm always worried that the heels will make them painful for me to wear and I won't end up wearing them.  Also I would most likely have to get white since Baby's pink is a bit different than AP's and most of my dresses ate AP.  I guess I can just keep an eye out in case I see them for inexpensive so that I don't lose as much money if I don't end up wearing them much.