Thursday, September 30, 2010


Wow, I really haven't updated for a while!  I've been pretty busy applying to school, but I finally got everything done for my application!

Baby recently announced a new Cinderella Print.  I actually like it very much, but so far, the OP is the only dress that has a picture, and it would not fit me (as well as being overly fancy).  I'm looking forward to seeing the other colors and styles. 

I'm currently working on getting together Halloween costumes for myself and Ashley.  She's dressing up as Tinker Bell and I'm dressing as Rosetta (one of the fairies from the new Tinker Bell series).  We've been talking about making a new costume for a few years, and we're finally doing it.  I was originally going to be Rapunzel, but the pictures are kind of inconsistant, so I decided to wait on that costume and do one of the fairies to match with Ashley.  I've already made our wings, and got started on some of the patterning tonight. 

Speaking of Halloween, we also got tickets to the Disneyland Halloween event.  This year it is actually in Disneyland park, which is really exciting!  I originally wanted to do a Princess costume, but I couldn't decide on which one to do!  So a Disney Fairy it is!

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