Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swan Lake

My friend mentioned a new Baby, the Stars Shine Bright print the other day, so I took a look.  It turns out it is a Swan Lake print (titled Lac des Cygnes, or Swan Lake in French).

I love ballet and ballet themed prints.  And I love the story and music of Swan Lake (unfortunately I have never seen it performed).  In fact, I have owned (and own) 2 other Swan Lake dresses.
Original Baby Swan Lake, I currently own it.  It's one of my favorite prints.

Angelic Pretty Swan Lake.  I owned this for a while but it was very very small and while it fit it did not look nice on me at all.  Maybe someday I will get it again and alter it, because it really is a lovely print. 

Lac des Cygnes JSK, Alice Bow and Print.

I like the design of the dress, and how it has a sort of ballet style to it.  I also like the print in that it has aspects from previous Swan Lake prints in a new style. 
However, I'm not a huge fan of the flocking; I know I'd be really worried that the flocking would rub off when I was sitting, and the overlay looks to be chiffon, which I know I would be fearful of tearing. 
Also, the pink is an odd shade... I can only hope that the actual dress is a nicer shade since the swatch picture makes it look almost peach... not cute!
I like the dress but I won't be reserving it.  Perhaps if I see it worn or a picture it will change my mind later, but at this point I can't say I love it enough to order it.

One thing I am tempted to order are these:
Baby Honey Cross shoes.  I've liked these for a while, but I'm always worried that the heels will make them painful for me to wear and I won't end up wearing them.  Also I would most likely have to get white since Baby's pink is a bit different than AP's and most of my dresses ate AP.  I guess I can just keep an eye out in case I see them for inexpensive so that I don't lose as much money if I don't end up wearing them much. 

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