Saturday, January 15, 2011

elecTRONica and such

Last night I went to elecTRONica with my friend, and I actually took some nice pics this time!
Outfit shot.  Yes, it's pretty much the same one.  I did modify my identity disk though; they come with a ring around the edge, which indicates battle mode.  Since I'm not battling anyone I removed it.  People kept thinking that it was some special prop replica haha!

Makeup shot.  I did similar makeup to my siren makeup.  I used a different powder and didn't add the pigments this time, as well as using a bit less and not drawing on the eyebrows.  I guess it looked pretty good because people kept asking if I worked there!

With Eckert again.  Now he has a wig.  I think it looked better with the other hair, but I'm not in charge.  I'd have him wear a wig that looks like Castor's in the film.

In front of Flynn's.  I don't usually play anything there because I'm terrible at video games.  I tried to play TRON once and died quite quickly.

My friend and I have also been on a hunt for the white identity disk.  Between the 2 of us, we've been to 8 stores and still have not found it!  I really need it for my costume that I'm making so I hope I can find it soon.

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