Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make Up

One thing that I love (that I don't talk about as much) is makeup. 

For years I used pretty much exclusively MAC makeup (and I still use quite a bit, it's fabulous makeup).  However, for some reason their mascara and eyeliner irritate my eyes.  I have no idea why, and I don't know anyone else who has this problem.  So I started searching for a new brand to use.

I tried Dior Show, because I heard great things about it.  It was pretty good, but very hard to get off, which I didn't like.  Around that time, one of my friends purchased Fiberwig mascara from Japan and began using it, and it worked really well, so I started using it.  And it was amazing.

Fiberwig has small fibres which attach to your lashes to make them longer.  It's a pretty cool concept, and it works really well.  It used to be available at Japanese grocery stores, but then Sephora monopolized it, and they don't carry the brush that I like.  So I went looking for a new mascara.

As for eyeliner, I tried the pen style liners that are popular in Japan and fell in love with that style.  It's the only kind I use now.  I tried several different brands, but Dollywink has come to be my favorite. 
Seriously, I love this eyeliner.  It's a bit pricey (around $18) but it lasts a few months and is just great.  I bought it first when I was in Japan and now they carry it at Japanese grocery stores.

Since I liked the eyeliner so much, I decided to try the lashes, in style #1.
I didn't like these very much... while the shape is nice and they should look really cute, they blend into my natural lashes, therefore rendering them kind of useless.  They are also rather pricey (almost $20 for 2 pairs), so I think I will stick with Diamond Lash.  Their lashes show up better on my eyes, and they are much more affordable ( $10 for 5 pairs). 

Today at the store I noticed that they now carry the Dollywink eye collection (mascara and eyeshadow) and decided to pick some up to try out. 
Cream eyeshadow.  I think this will work great as a highlighter, or just for a lighter color of eyeshadow.  Plus I love gold!
And the long mascara.  Examining the tester, I found that it is a fibre mascara, so hopefully it will be comparable to Fiberwig.  I also love the packaging, it's so cute *_*

I'll post reviews once I use these!

My other makeup staple is BB Cream.  Now, the important thing about BB Cream is finding one that works for your skin.  I lucked out in that my friend purchased this BB Cream and it made her break out, so she gave it to me.  It works great with my skin.  I constantly get people complimenting my flawless skin, which I tell them is a lie.  It's all BB Cream!  In reality I have terrible skin T_T
I recommend trying samples (if you can get them) before committing to a BB Cream.  Different ones work with different skin!  They're also beneficial because it has sunscreen.  It also whitens on some people; I haven't noticed this in myself but then again I'm naturally very pale so there's not much to whiten. 

I might start doing more detailed makeup shots and descriptions if people are interested.  I think my only ones so far have been for TRON haha!

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  1. Please do a review on your Dolly Wink items when you'll receive them ! I think we don't have enough review on their products, and I'm tempted to buy some before, but I still don't know if it's worth the price...