Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lately I have been working hard on my Rapunzel costume.  Things are not going as planned... the bodice I made ended up not looking at all how I wanted it to, so I'm going to remake it.  I've been working hard on the wig.  I first styled it wit loads of extra hair, so that it would be accurately thick, but it weighed so much that I couldn't wear it for long.  So I've made it much thinner, but I like it better this way.  I feel like it's a bit more accurate to how it would look in reality.
Here's the front.  It's a tad askew so the part is actually further to the left when centered properly. The sides are also pinned down a bit more when worn, to cover my real hair.
In action.  I've actually added some ribbons to the braid as well as some more flowers.  But you can see the length and thickness pretty well here. 

I'd love to do it with an actual really long wig at some point, but I fear it would just get too tangled (ironic considering the name of the film haha!).  Doing this wig was difficult enough; it's actually made from 2 wigs that I combined together to get more hair and thickness.  Both were 5 feet long, so it was quite difficult with that much length!

Besides working on cosplay, I've also been working on a new style.  Since leaving lolita I feel very lost style wise.

I love Hime Gyaru, but the trouble is that I can never get the hair and makeup right, and I don't fit most of the clothes.  I might try making some dresses in the future, but I can't fit the brand clothes.  I also love Agejo style but I fear that if I wore it I would look like a hooker.  Other people can pull it off super well but I don't have the confidence.

I've been looking at a more preppy look.  I love school-girl style and uniforms.  I've loved to wear plaid pleated skirts for years, but I want to start pairing them with blazers and sweaters for more of a casual schoolgirl look.  It's difficult though, because you walk a fine line between fashionable and costumey with this look. 

It's also pretty sad because I realized that my entire closet is pink or black.  I need to add more colors, but I'm not sure how.  I feel like a total fashion loser haha! 

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  1. OMG Jen you look amazing in that wig! It's so cute! I Especially love the flowers haha tooo cute!