Monday, February 28, 2011

Disneyland Trip

I went to Disneyland yesterday~

Kim and I saw Aladdin and Jasmine.  They are always so sweet!
Sweater- Tralala
Skirt, Boots- Forever 21
Leggings- Offbrand

I also went to see Rapunzel but the picture didn't turn out well :(  I feel like I need to check with them that the picture turned out well before leaving, since it's turned out badly the last few times.

We all saw Chip and Dale for Mardi Gras Family Fun Weekend.  All the characters were wearing the costumes from the Parade of Dreams.  I miss that parade a lot, although I look forward to Soundsational.  I'm tempted to audition for it even though I don't have time for it :(

I also danced like crazy at elecTRONica.  Now I'm sore!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Outfit Shot

I went to Disneyland yesterday.  Unfortunately most of my pictures didn't turn out too well :(
But I did get an outfit shot~
Cardigan, skirt- Forever 21
Tights, shoes- Offbrand
Necklace- Vivienne Westwood Replica

The wig was styled to look similar to Rapunzel; I figured it wouldn't be too obvious since it's brown and not really that long, but I got a lot of comments about it (all positive, yay!).  I also liked wearing it because I had nice hair but since it was braided, it's not fussy.  I think I'll definitely be wearing this wig/ style again. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Lately I have been working hard on my Rapunzel costume.  Things are not going as planned... the bodice I made ended up not looking at all how I wanted it to, so I'm going to remake it.  I've been working hard on the wig.  I first styled it wit loads of extra hair, so that it would be accurately thick, but it weighed so much that I couldn't wear it for long.  So I've made it much thinner, but I like it better this way.  I feel like it's a bit more accurate to how it would look in reality.
Here's the front.  It's a tad askew so the part is actually further to the left when centered properly. The sides are also pinned down a bit more when worn, to cover my real hair.
In action.  I've actually added some ribbons to the braid as well as some more flowers.  But you can see the length and thickness pretty well here. 

I'd love to do it with an actual really long wig at some point, but I fear it would just get too tangled (ironic considering the name of the film haha!).  Doing this wig was difficult enough; it's actually made from 2 wigs that I combined together to get more hair and thickness.  Both were 5 feet long, so it was quite difficult with that much length!

Besides working on cosplay, I've also been working on a new style.  Since leaving lolita I feel very lost style wise.

I love Hime Gyaru, but the trouble is that I can never get the hair and makeup right, and I don't fit most of the clothes.  I might try making some dresses in the future, but I can't fit the brand clothes.  I also love Agejo style but I fear that if I wore it I would look like a hooker.  Other people can pull it off super well but I don't have the confidence.

I've been looking at a more preppy look.  I love school-girl style and uniforms.  I've loved to wear plaid pleated skirts for years, but I want to start pairing them with blazers and sweaters for more of a casual schoolgirl look.  It's difficult though, because you walk a fine line between fashionable and costumey with this look. 

It's also pretty sad because I realized that my entire closet is pink or black.  I need to add more colors, but I'm not sure how.  I feel like a total fashion loser haha! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!  Mine was not very exciting, since I don't have a special someone.  Oh well!

Since I was finally feeling better after being sick for a while, I decided to go to Disneyland since Valentine's Day is the one day a year that all the princes come out.  It was a 2 hour wait to see them!

I was lucky and got to see my favorite, Prince Phillip.  I also saw Cinderella and her Prince (but those photos got lost D: ) and Snow White and her Prince.

LOL that's my real hair.  Boring and short.  I had school in the evening so I couldn't dress up.

Snow White saw my necklace and said that at first she thought it was her because of the bows (it has Aurora on it) but that I look like her haha!  I think the only way I look like her is that I'm pale with dark hair.
I went to see Rapunzel also.  You can see my outfit here:
Dress, boots: Forever 21
Tights: Danskin
Necklace: Disney Couture

But Flynn wasn't there so I came back later when he was lol
He recognized me, which was funny because I usually have a wig on.  I said that I usually have different hair because I don't like my real hair much.  Rapunzel told me my hair was very nice haha nooooooo I want it to be long like hers!

Other than that my Valentine's Day was quite boring. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make Up

One thing that I love (that I don't talk about as much) is makeup. 

For years I used pretty much exclusively MAC makeup (and I still use quite a bit, it's fabulous makeup).  However, for some reason their mascara and eyeliner irritate my eyes.  I have no idea why, and I don't know anyone else who has this problem.  So I started searching for a new brand to use.

I tried Dior Show, because I heard great things about it.  It was pretty good, but very hard to get off, which I didn't like.  Around that time, one of my friends purchased Fiberwig mascara from Japan and began using it, and it worked really well, so I started using it.  And it was amazing.

Fiberwig has small fibres which attach to your lashes to make them longer.  It's a pretty cool concept, and it works really well.  It used to be available at Japanese grocery stores, but then Sephora monopolized it, and they don't carry the brush that I like.  So I went looking for a new mascara.

As for eyeliner, I tried the pen style liners that are popular in Japan and fell in love with that style.  It's the only kind I use now.  I tried several different brands, but Dollywink has come to be my favorite. 
Seriously, I love this eyeliner.  It's a bit pricey (around $18) but it lasts a few months and is just great.  I bought it first when I was in Japan and now they carry it at Japanese grocery stores.

Since I liked the eyeliner so much, I decided to try the lashes, in style #1.
I didn't like these very much... while the shape is nice and they should look really cute, they blend into my natural lashes, therefore rendering them kind of useless.  They are also rather pricey (almost $20 for 2 pairs), so I think I will stick with Diamond Lash.  Their lashes show up better on my eyes, and they are much more affordable ( $10 for 5 pairs). 

Today at the store I noticed that they now carry the Dollywink eye collection (mascara and eyeshadow) and decided to pick some up to try out. 
Cream eyeshadow.  I think this will work great as a highlighter, or just for a lighter color of eyeshadow.  Plus I love gold!
And the long mascara.  Examining the tester, I found that it is a fibre mascara, so hopefully it will be comparable to Fiberwig.  I also love the packaging, it's so cute *_*

I'll post reviews once I use these!

My other makeup staple is BB Cream.  Now, the important thing about BB Cream is finding one that works for your skin.  I lucked out in that my friend purchased this BB Cream and it made her break out, so she gave it to me.  It works great with my skin.  I constantly get people complimenting my flawless skin, which I tell them is a lie.  It's all BB Cream!  In reality I have terrible skin T_T
I recommend trying samples (if you can get them) before committing to a BB Cream.  Different ones work with different skin!  They're also beneficial because it has sunscreen.  It also whitens on some people; I haven't noticed this in myself but then again I'm naturally very pale so there's not much to whiten. 

I might start doing more detailed makeup shots and descriptions if people are interested.  I think my only ones so far have been for TRON haha!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've been pretty busy lately with school.  I started last week and I'm still getting used to being back in school.  I still haven't fully wrapped my head around the fact that I'm a grad student!

This past weekend I went to Disneyland (big surprise there) to go to the Family Fun Weekends.  They brought out special characters that are usually not available to see.
While Peter, Wendy and Captain Hook aren't too rare, Mr. Smee is. I'd never seen him before.  Peter asked if my shoes weigh me down when I fly haha!
Rapunzel was "playing with Maximus", so we only saw Flynn.  Also a pretty good shot of my outfit (the top anyway).
Sweater, Skirt: Tralala
Shirt: Disney Couture
(not seen in this picture, but socks are Angelic Pretty and shoes are An tai na)
I got a lot of flack for my wig since they said it looked "too much like Aurora".  But the bangs are all wrong (Julie said I'm too picky lol) but I didn't even wear it for that reason, it was just the only wig I had in good condition.
With all 7 Dwarfs.  I've only ever seen Dopey before at Tokyo Disneyland.  Doc also pointed out my shoes haha!  If anyone is wondering, they are pretty comfortable (no more uncomfortable than any shoes worn all day) since they're just high, but still flat.  I love those shoes!
With Baloo and King Louie. I've seen Baloo before but never King Louie.
What we were most excited for was to see Esmeralda and Clopin, and Frollo showed up too!  I like how the groups are divided up with poses haha!

It's been pretty cold these last few days.  At least we are not having tons of snow dumped on us though! 

This week is Chinese New Year.  It's the year of the Rabbit, which is my sign!  Have a good holiday to those who celebrate!

Also, I recently got an iPhone (it is a 3gs, which was on sale for $49 since the new model is out).  I didn't think I would like it since I was adverse to touch screens, but I really like it now that I'm used to it.  I'm still not great at the typing but I'm getting better.  I'm currently waiting for my cases to arrive so I can start decorating.  I'm not sure what theme to do... I want to do something super cute though!