Friday, August 27, 2010

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When I started into lolita, my favorite brand was Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.  A lot of this was based on the fact that I really liked Kamikaze Girls and Momoko spends about half the book talking about how great Baby is.  Plus I wasn't too familiar with all the brands.  This is pretty ironic seen as I started wearing lolita after going into the Angelic Pretty boutique at PMX in 2007, and AP was my first brand.

However, I moved on over to AP and eventually got rid of all of my Baby.  I sold my last Baby item over a year ago.  One of the major reasons was that Baby doesn't fit me all that well; they have a tendency to go all or nothing with the shirring, where I look best in either half or quarter shirring.  And a lot of times when they have shirring, it will be in the front which looks terrible on me. 

While Baby may not be the ideal brand for me, there were still some pieces that I found myself pining after, and when they happened to show up on Closet Child, I decided to get them. 

The first dress is Rose Ribbon Gingham JSK in Pink
The story behind this JSK is that I saw it on the Baby website and loved it.  I decided to be responsible and wait until I had earned the money for it to buy it, but by that time it was completely sold out.  I ended up having the black version for a while, but I wasn't content.  Then I bought the OP, but it didn't fit me all that well.  I'm glad to finally have the dress I originally wanted!  It's nice and I like that it can be worn more casually.

The second dress is Swan Lake in Pink
I actually owned this about 2 years ago until I "outgrew"it (ie gained weight lol).  I sold it but I've missed it ever since and it wasn't that comfortable to wear in the first place; the zipper was a pain to get up and I couldn't really eat much while wearing it.  So I decided to get it again and alter it to fit.
The back with no shirring grrrr.  I'm moving the zipper to the side and adding a shirring panel into the back to add some slack.  I considered adding a panel into the skirt but it would be impossible to do it due to the lace unless I did a bustle back panel.  I considered it but decided against it.  I can always open it up and add it later if I decide it needs it.
Voila!  I was lucky enough to be able to get the matching skirt at the same time so the shirring panel will match.  I'll have left over fabric after the shirring panel so I'm going to make a headbow to match as well.  I'm not sure if there was a headbow to match this dress, I've never seen one! 

I'm quite excited about this dress since it was my favorite when I owned it (I actually ended up selling it to one of my good friends, so I know the original went to a good home!)  I'd love to do a photoshoot with the dress and pointe shoes if I could, although I'm not sure where I would do it; my apartment is not exactly a lovely backdrop.

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