Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, strangely enough, I've been finding myself being more interested in Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as opposed to Angelic Pretty lately.  Honestly, I haven't really liked an AP print since Powder Rose, which was released in January, and while there have been some cute non-print items, there hasn't been anything I really tried to get my hands on since the Rose Ribbon Jewelry.  But Baby has actually had several items that I liked!

There is still no preview of Le Lac des Cygnes in pink, so I'm still unsure of it, but another print has got me more excited than that one: Cinderella Jewelry.
This is the JSK style II and I really like it... plus it has shirring so it would fit me.  Of course, I don't actually want the black dress, but the pink, but there's only a preview of the JSK in black.  The pink print looks like this:
I love fairytale prints and while it's been pointed out that this is essentially the same print as the original Cinderella print from Baby, I did like that print, but the dress wouldn't fit me.  The coloring is also much nicer on this version in my opinion. 

I debated on whether or not to reserve this JSK and when I had finally decided that I probably should, I calculated the price with the exchange rate and the set would be $425 before shipping.  Unfortunately I cannot swing that right now, so I'm hoping perhaps they will have it at PMX for a tad bit cheaper, although it may be a weak hope.  Oh well, if it's meant to be I will find it again someday. 

Another dress that I've had my eye on is Merveille Doll:
I love the fact that it looks a lot like a ballet costume.  I feel like I'd want to pair it with toe shoes and dance around the room.  It's really a lovely dress, but I honestly don't think I'd know where to wear it besides to perhaps do a ballet themed photoshoot or an event.  So while it's beautiful I don't think I can commit to purchasing it.

I also thought that this coat was cute.  I really have no use for a lolita coat living in Southern California and not wearing lolita often enough to justify a coat for that specific purpose.  And I do have a coat that will accommodate a petti (while not nearly as cute).  But it reminded me that AP hasn't released any coats that I really loved this year.  Usually there's one or 2 that tempt me, but this year there hasn't been anything.  Then again, it seems that many of their coats are shorter this year.  Or perhaps they haven't released the designs for the Hime-esque ones yet. 

I don't know if it's a change in style, or just that AP has been a bit lacklustre lately, but I've been keeping more of an eye on Baby, since I've liked more items from them lately. 

Although, when I look at my lolita progression, I guess it might make sense?
2006- Discover lolita, but don't wear it.  Admire Baby, the Stars Shine Bright due to watching Kamikaze Girls
Oct. 2007- Visit the Angelic Pretty boutique at PMX and decide I want to wear lolita.  Purchase first brand items (Angelic Pretty Bag and Socks)
Dec. 2007- Make and wear my first lolita dress; buy my first brand items (Meta Lucky Pack stuff haha!)
2008- Wear a lot of Baby, a bit of AP, Meta.  More AP as the year goes on
2009- Sell the last of my Baby, wear exclusively AP
2010- Buy some Baby again, as well as Atelier Pierrot

I guess it might be a natural progression?  I do still love AP; their boutique is what made me start wearing lolita, and they do come out with the Hime-esque items that I love.  They've just been so lacklustre lately, while Baby has really stepped it up. 

Well, that's all for now! 

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