Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's been a while!  I have been super busy lately with work and events and such.

Back in October we visited Goofy's Kitchen for the birthdays of several friends!  It was quite fun although I couldn't eat as much as I would have liked.  My stomach got small!  Oh well!  I have several pictures from the day, with the characters at the restaurant as well as Rapunzel since we went to the new photo area for her and Flynn.  It's really cute, they made a replica of her tower room.

It was also my first visit to elecTRONica.  This is a new event to celebrate the release of the new film TRON Legacy.  It features dancing, a laser show, a dance pre-show, a special sneak preview of the film, a replica of Fynn's Arcade and a video game contest.  It is so much fun, we've been going back every weekend!  I love it because it's a great chance to dance and be nerdy!  A bunch of friends and I got Identity Disks to carry around when we visit!

Myself with the sign for the event and my Identity Disk.  Outfit is mostly offbrand, although the skirt is Tralala and the sweater is from Disneyland.

My friend and I even coordinated some TRON themed outfits for one night, but my pictures of them got lost!  I'll have to get them from her.

Another big recent event was Halloween.  My friends and I visited Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Treat.  After not having time to finish the fairy costumes I had been planning on making for myself and Ashley, I ended up wearing my Jedi costume from about 3 years ago.  Unfortunately this ended up being really really hot since it is several layers.  It was fun to wear though, I love Star Wars.  I would have worn my Princess Leia costume except my hair no longer matches the extensions that I have for her hair.
I made the whole costume except for the leggings and the boots.  Unfortunately my hair is no longer long enough to do cool Jedi hair, so it was just a bun.
A cool picture from inside Space Mountain.

This past weekend was Halloween itself and there were many events going on!  On Saturday I wore a lolita coordinate that I meant to be a princess look. 
JSK: Atelier Pierrot
Tights: Forever 21
Shoes, Tiara: Offbrand
Wig: Styled by me

We went to downtown Orange for lunch and then a bit of antique shopping.  Then we headed up to LA for the Japan LA event at a Pub and then over to Ruin Hollywood for their Grimm Fairytale Ball.  It was pretty fun, but it got pretty crowded and hot in the club.  I entered the costume contest for kicks but didn't win.  Oh well, not much of a surprise, since I wasn't even really wearing a costume, more like a dressed up lolita coordinate. 

On Sunday we went to do Karaoke.  I wore my Hermione costume since it's simple and comfy.  Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of it, but I'll get some this weekend at Harry Potter weekend at Disneyland!  I'm so excited, Harry Potter has been a huge fandom of mine since I was 11 years old and I can't believe the last movie is coming out!  It was hard enough with the last book!

Hopefully I'll be able to update more often.  There are many events this month!


  1. That atelier pierrot jsk is absolutely gorgeous. Also you are a fabulous jedi.

  2. You look great! Harry Potter weekend sounds amazing, have fun there!