Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been super sleepy since the time change even though I've been getting a lot of sleep T_T  I've been getting quite a bit of work done though, I have lots of schoolwork as well as sewing to do. 

On Sunday I went to Disneyland for Harry Potter Day Lite.  It's basically just a Harry Potter themed get together rather than having a large scavenger hunt and such. 
I dressed as Hermione.  For the first time since I started dressing as her (at age 11) I wore a wig.  My hair has darkened to the point that it doesn't really look right, and I had a light brown wig that I had to cut down because it got to tangled, so I get a bit fluffy and was good to go.
I didn't have my sweater on because it was pretty warm. 

Part of the idea of the meetup was to all go to elecTRONica together but that pretty much got ruined for me :(
So basically, whenever I got to elecTRONica, I go to a corner and I stay in my corner and I dance there.  I do this because 1. I put my bag on the "shelf" there and I can keep an eye on it and 2. I dance facing the wall in my corner because I dance for myself because I like to, not so people can stare at me (of course if I have friends dancing with me, I don't face the wall).
So I arrived at the very beginning and I staked my corner.  I was dancing with other Potter people but still in my corner.  And then these shufflers moved in.
Shufflers drive me crazy!  I am not against them for any aesthetic reasons, their dancing is not my thing, but my dancing is not the style of many either.  My issue is that they go all over the place and I'm always scared that they will kick me or flail into me.  They often don't seem to be paying attention so it's just really nervewracking for me. 
And they also don't seem to have a concept of personal space!  As I said, I'll be in my corner and they will get right up in my space.  I don't need half the floor but when you're almost touching me it bothers me.  Let me dance in my corner in peace!
So I was dancing but I was seriously getting afraid that I was going to get kicked and not giving me any space so I left.  Maybe it seems lame but I hate that they ruin the fun for me!  Please respect personal space and don't almost injure people (I told my friend that I wanted to yell at them that if they kick me, I will kick back).
Oh well.  

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  1. Maybe next time you can politely tell them to back off a little, so that they are aware of the issue.