Monday, April 4, 2011

Magical Girls and Disneyland

On Friday, there was an event called "Magical Girls- Art Inspired by Shoujou Manga".  I wanted to dress up but none of my outfits were very magical girl, and I didn't have money to make a whole new costume (though I did seriously consider doing PGSM Sailor Moon).  In the end, I decided to finish Rapunzel for the event, since technically she is a magical girl. 

I didn't completely finish (I didn't get the lace on the skirt, and there is still no embroidery) but I was pretty happy with it and I loved wearing it.  A lot of people recognized it and liked it, and I ended up winning an Honorable Mention in the cosplay contest.  It was judged by Tavuchi, the owner of Spank!.  She was so sweet!
As of now, this is the only picture I've found that I actually like.  It's from LA Weekly.
Here's a mirror shot to show the whole costume, but it's not the best picture lol!  It was in H&M... before the event, we went shopping!  I got a lot of strange looks walking around the mall dressed as Rapunzel!

I can't wait to wear it again, one of my friends offered to do a photoshoot with me, which I'm super excited about! 

Today I went to Disneyland as usual.
With Bre'r Bear, a character from Song of the South.  This movie is not available anymore because it's racist, so it's not a super well known character.  You can see some of my outfit here, it wasn't too exciting though.
Skirt- H&M
Boots- Secret Shop (Angelic Pretty replica)
Leggings- Forever 21
Tops- I don't know, I've had them for 6 years haha
Bag- Sanrio

With Rapunzel and Flynn.  When we came in, Rapunzel said "Oh Flynn, this is my friend, she comes to visit me every week!  Sometimes you're not here, but she's like my new best friend!"  It was so cute.  She asked who Ashley is, and I told her she was my best friend and roommate.  She said that Mother Gothel was kind of like a roommate, but she hoped Ashley wasn't like her!  I love when characters interact rather than just brushing us off since we're not little kids.

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