Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TRON Signing

So TRON Legacy was released today.  I got up and went to the Disney Store to pick up my copy, and then to the beauty supply store to get some hair for my Rapunzel wig.  I planned to work on it while I watched the movie, but when I got home my roommate informed me that there was a signing with the directors and we needed to go.  So I immediately got dressed up in my TRON finest and we headed out.

We were worried we wouldn't make it in time, but we got there by 4 and easily got wristbands.  I took a picture with the poster lol
My typical TRON outfit.  I haven't gotten new fabric for my actual costume.

We got in line, and we were pretty close to the front.  So we were some of the first to meet the directors.  We got to meet Joseph Kosinski and Steven Lisberger.  They were really nice.  When I walked up, Steven Lisberger said "Wow, a real female!" haha!  Then they commented on my outfit (first they said Quorra, and then realized that it was more based on Gem [at least makeup and hair]).  I got to take a picture with them also.
All in all it was a cool experience.  Now I'm going to go watch the movie since I didn't earlier!

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  1. You do kinda look like Quorra at first glance, but then I see the Gem resemblance in the full-size photo~ you look awesome!!

    I "Like" Tron on FB, and they posted up this video:

    It caught my eye because I saw you in the thumbnail for the video haha! That's just too cool :D