Friday, May 13, 2011

Wig Review: Arda Wigs

Today I'll be doing a product review of Arda Wigs, a wig company in the US.  They market themselves as a Cosplay wig company, but from what I've seen, their wigs would be great for regular wear/lolita as well.

I first heard about them at Anime Expo last year, where they had a booth.  However, I didn't need any cosplay wigs until I was looking for a wig for Rapunzel, at which time I started looking into cosplay wigs again.  However, at that time they did not carry a super long wig, so I ended up getting my wigs elsewhere.  But I was still itching to try out one of their wigs.

My chance came when I got a commission for a Chibi Usa wig.  I used their part wig (called Chibi haha!)
I also used 2 of their ponytail falls for the wig.

Let me just say that this wig had ALOT of hair.  When I cut the hair to stub the pigtails, I had a box full of hair.  The fibres were very nice and styled easily.  I ended up with the wig looking like this:
It is my first odango wig so I'm thrilled with how it turned out (ignore Dr. House creeping on the TV in the background haha!)

After such a good experience with this wig, I decided to order my new Rapunzel wig from them.  I ordered the Delilah, which is 60 inches long:
This wig also is super thick.  In fact, this wig by itself is almost, if not, as thick as the double wig I made for my first Rapunzel wig.  Another good aspect is that the fibres are heat resistant;  they mean it.  I used my straightener on a setting between 300-400 degrees F and there was no kinking or anything.  While this wig is a pain, any 5 foot long wig will be, and it's much less of a pain than the other 5 foot wigs I've used.  I'd take a picture, but the wig isn't styled yet.  It's definitely worth the price though.

My only real problem is that they have their own color chart, which makes it difficult to match wigs that I already own or know the coloring of.  However, this is more a personal thing than anything that they did.  On the other hand, it does provide for unique colors that are great for cosplay.

As for customer service, they are fabulous!  I e-mailed them about color and I got a prompt response that answered my question and included pictures to help me decide.  They also contacted me when one of the items I ordered was out of stock and asked what I would like to do (wait until it arrives to ship, or ship what is available now).  I have been very impressed with all interactions with them.  

I definitely recommend Arda for your cosplay wig needs.  They are my new go-to store.  I'd rate them a 5/5 in both product and customer service.

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  1. Your Chibi-Usa wig looks great! Can't wait to see pics of the Rapunzel one too~ taking care of those long wigs sure is a major pain >.<