Tuesday, November 23, 2010


These days, I'm not sure what direction to go with my fashion choices.

I have decided that sweet lolita, as cute as it is, is not the best look for me.
Take this outfit for example.  It is a pretty straight forward sweet coordinate, all Angelic Pretty. And while the dress is super adorable, if you look at it, it doesn't fit me properly.  Due to my, er, ample bosom, the dress has become empire waisted on me and therefore is too short lengthwise.  While I've always been able to fit into quarter shirred items, they were always maxed out at the bust and often pretty short.  I tried to go with it, but I've come to terms with the fact that most of it just doesn't fit me properly.  The only really "sweet" item that I'm keeping is Baby Swan Lake since I really love that print and altered it to fit me. 

This is probably the closest I will come to sweet: Hime style.  I consider it a completely different style than sweet, but others would consider it a sub-style.  Fortunately, the A-line look is pretty flattering for my body shape.  In fact, if I was able I'd wear a lot more of this style of dress from brands like Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden (although really those are classic).  Unfortunately though, those brands don't fit my chest. 

As of now, I'm moving in a more classical direction, since I think it suits me better.  The longer dresses and bodices are much more forgiving to my body shape.  It also suits my face better; while I feel like I look like someone trying to wear kids clothes in sweet, classic is more mature and I feel like it fits my look more. 

But now I'm not sure if I should stick with lolita.  I love it but I don't wear it all that often, since I only really wear it for events and such.  I'll probably just stick with it for events, but I wish I wasn't so lazy and wore it more often sometimes.

But lolita isn't the only fashion I wear, more often I wear gal or other cutesy coordinates.
This is actually from last summer when I went to Disneyland with some friends, and is a good example of how I'll dress on an average day.  I love plaid skirts and I like to spice it up but wearing accessories and shoes from Japanese brands.  It was really hot that day, hence only wearing a simple t-shirt.
Another casual coordinate, the skirt is Tralala and the tights actually have gold stars on them.  I think I was just wearing a black tank top underneath the sweater, but it was cold. 
A picture in actual gal styling.  The dress is from Cecil McBee and the sweater is from Tralala and the rest is offbrand.  Dolly still looks much cuter than me though!
Another coord, this is from when I was in Japan at Takuya Angel's shop.  I love a schoolgirl look... pleated skirts and blazers and stuff.  I would love to be able to wear MA*RS but it's so small T_T Why do I have to have such a much bigger frame than Japanese people?

I've been wearing my more casual/gal-ish coordinates lately, and I kind of want to get more of those clothes instead of lolita right now.  Usually I just want to get new brand dresses but I want to get more clothes that I can wear more often. 

What do you all think?


  1. For me... well, I'm the same and interested in both gal and lolita. and I think it's perfectly wonderful! I think even if you're not wearing lolita so much anymore doesn't really make you "less" lolita or anything... especially if you still love it with all your heart!! For me what's most important is wearing clothes that make me happy - whether it's Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Liz Lisa or Lip Service haha. :)

  2. Thanks! I feel the same way, it just gets confusing sometimes.