Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry Potter Day

I've been a Harry Potter fan for about 12 years now, and dressing up as Hermione for about 11 (yep, before the movies).  So I was super excited to hear about Harry Potter day at Disneyland (, two of my favorite things combined!  It's basically a day where people dress up in Harry Potter outfits and compete in a Harry Potter based scavenger hunt in order to try to win for both their team and their house.

Of course I dressed up as Hermione, who's been my favorite character since I first read the books.  Fortunately it was not too hot or the uniform would have been horridly hot (I didn't even wear the robes because it's already so many layers).

Myself and Julie, who was a random Gryffindor, and Ari photobombing as Draco. 

The contest involved 2 parts; one part was using clues they gave us to find different locations in the park and getting a clue, and the other was finding randomly placed characters for trivia questions.  Our team did really well, we only missed one question and found all the locations.  Our team was part of Ravenclaw house, and we won the House Cup!  Our team was one of several that tied for second place also.

Myself and some fellow team members answering a trivia question from Draco Malfoy.

It was a really fun day and got me hyped for the movie release.  I'll definitely be busting out my costume again for that! 

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