Saturday, November 27, 2010

The one that got away

I'm sure we all have it, that one dress that got away.

Whether it was snatched up by someone else before you could get to it, you got outbid on auction or you decided to wait for it and it sold out, it hurts just as much.  Sometimes it's easy enough to find a replacement, sometimes it's hard. 

In my case, it's a dress that I tried on while visiting in Japan.  We happened to visit the Innocent World shop and I noticed a dress in the sale section that I liked.  I tried it on, and while it fit well and was nice, I couldn't commit to it because the color scheme was so different from the rest of my lolita wardrobe.  As time went on, I began to regret not purchasing the dress, and at the time, didn't even know what dress it was. 

Recently, while browsing auctions, I found the skirt and discovered the name of the series: Ribbon Tape.  With that title, I was able to find a stock photo of the dress:
I actually tried on the beige version, but only was able to find the black stock picture.

And now I go about trying to find the dress.  And I realize that it won't be easy.
Judging by the fact that it was on sale while I was in Japan, it was not a terribly popular dress.  Pair this with the fact that a great majority of international lolitas are strictly sweet, and my search is going to be quite the pain. 

Once I get my holiday money, I'll be on a hunt.  My desire to own this dress has only gotten stronger since I visited the Innocent World boutique at PMX and fell in love with their clothes.  And while I know I may not find it, I sure am going to try!

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  1. Good luck with the hunt! That dress is so gorgeous, I hope you find yours!