Saturday, December 18, 2010


One hobby that I used to be very involved in is cosplay.  I used to make multiple costumes for each convention I attended and entered masquerades.  However, I haven't been very involved in the hobby for the last few years. 

The most recent costume I made was an original design of Princess Euphemia from Code Geass

I am actually quote proud of this costume... I spent several hours hand beading it and it is very well made.  I only wore it once though, since I didn't like how the skirt fell and I need to re-do the wig.

This was actually my second Euphemia costume, my first being this one:

However, that costume was really badly made.  I literally made it in 2 days before AX 2009 because I felt like cosplaying again after over a year of being away from the hobby.  I enjoyed wearing it, but I never liked it as much since it wasn't well made.

Probably the most complicated costume that I've ever made was Super Sailor Saturn.  I made this when I had been sewing for about a year, and I was really happy with it.  There are some things I would do differently now, but I still consider it one of my best costumes.

I actually used to cosplay Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist and Orihime from Bleach a lot.  I did about 4 costumes for each one.  Unfortunately I don't have many good pictures of those costumes.
I miss cosplaying a lot, but I often get distracted from making costumes that I want to.  I have a list of costumes that I want to do:
Rapunzel will probably be my next costume since I actually had planned to make it for Halloween, but I couldn't find the proper fabric and wig.  Now I have most of it planned out and just need to search out the fabric and get started on it.

I have wanted to do PGSM Sailor Moon since I watched the show 5 years ago.  The biggest issue I've run across is finding white neoprene.   I also would like to do it as a group with friends to have the whole inner senshi since it would be more fun.

Euphemia Angel Dress
I love this dress, however, I haven't made it because I haven't found a pattern that I felt would work well and because I never decided on how I would do the gold patterning on the dress.  Everything that I thought of seemed too tacky.  So I'll probably never make this dress.

I have wanted to do Giselle's curtain dress from Enchanted since before the film came out.  Unfortunately I have never been able to find a suitable fabric and I won't do it unless I can find one that is close enough for me.  I look for it every time I'm in a fabric shop and online ever so often, but I have yet to find one. 
There are others that I'd like to do (Susan's dress from the end of Prince Caspian, too many Disney costumes to name them all, a Princess Tutu costume) but these are the ones that I think about making the most.  I also want to make a TRON inspired costume based off of the Sirens, since there's no way I'm wearing a pleather bodysuit! 

Just some random thoughts on a hobby of mine.  This probably came to mind since I'm working on a costume for an upcoming event.


  1. Your cosplays look good to me (even though I know nothing of sowing and construction). I can't wait to see your Rapunzel, that movie was so freaking good.

  2. Great cosplays! I envy your super sailor saturn. I'm working on a super sailor neptune right now for Sac Anime in January =____=

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