Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Disneyland and TRON makeup

I went to Disneyland twice in the past week.

I went on 12/23

Kim and I saw Rapunzel and Flynn.  Also a good shot of my outfit.
Jacket, T-shirt- Disney
Skirt, Sweater- Tralala
Socks- Angelic Pretty
Boots- Secret Shop
Leggings- Forever 21
Necklace- Sanrio

I did double buns for the first time in a while.  I used to do them pretty often when my hair was longer, but they are harder to do with shorter hair.  I was afraid they would come out, but they stayed pretty well. 

Myself with Eckhert, owner of the elecTRONica club.  Unfortunately the flash didn't go off.  He told me I got the award for dancing because I literally danced for all of elecTRONica (4 hours).  I just really love to dance!

I went again on Sunday for a friend's birthday.  I wore a TRON themed outfit.

I didn't get any good pics of my outfit :(  I was wearing my jacket here because it was cold all day.  I finally figured out a way to hang the disk off my belt easily and so it was easy to remove and modded my disk to be in "normal" mode instead of "battle" mode.  I like it much better this way!

I also entered a TRON makeup contest.
The contest was to replicate the makeup from either Quorra or one of the Sirens.  I chose to do the Siren makeup. 

Siren Gem

My version.
I tried to replicate the hair as well.  They have huge buns so I used extensions around the base to make it bigger.  The base was made by mixing BB Cream with different MAC pigments to lighten it and add some shimmer.  I also mixed some pigments in with m setting powder.  The eyes were done using heavy eyeliner; I used pa for this one since the brush tip is bigger and I needed to fill in a larger area.  The top lashes are pa and the bottom lashed are MAC and Diamond Lash (I used some that I usually wear on top and flipped them upside down).  I also drew the brows in since they pretty much got covered by the base and I wanted the proper shape.  For lips I used MAC Viva Glam Gaga with a thin layer of the base over it. 

I was pretty happy with the makeup, although my photos didn't turn out too well.  I don't use photoshop, so the only adjustment was to the lighting.  I also wish there had been some way to replicate the lighting, but it would not have worked with my camera and skills. 

I also found another picture of my Holiday Hot Mess outfit that I really like
Picture is from LookBookLA.com

Remember there's still a giveaway going on!  The winner will be picked on Friday!

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  1. Wow, seriously great makeup!! o_o Too bad the pictures didn't come out the way you wanted them to but I think it still looks great nonetheless~ funny how it looks really gal. XD